Brief Hypnotic Regression History

History of Hypnotic Regression

There is a long hypnotic regression history. This practice is often used to tap the subconscious for memories of very early childhood if not memories of previous lives. This is something that originated in ancient times.

In Ancient Greece and Egypt there was a Mystery School where regression was done to tap early memories. In India, the method of regressing one’s mind was called Prati-Prasav among other things. Ancient Vedic texts documented this. There are also many past life regression references in Buddhist scripture.

While this sort of regression was done in ancient times, it was not until the early part of the 20th Century that a refreshed interest took place. Much of this had to do with Sigmund Freud and Edgar Cayce. Freud changed psychotherapy forever by drawing a link between a person’s early childhood experiences and their adult behavior. Around the same time, psychic prophet Edgar Cayce introduced the idea of past life regression hypnosis by channeling supposed past lives in others.

Hypnotizing Patients

By the start of the 1960s, many people wanted to know more about hypnotic regression history. Favorite books like “The Search for Bridey Murphey” inspired people to find ways to tap their memories for past life evidence. This was done under the control of a hypnotherapist who would place an individual under a state of relaxation and suggest to them that they go back to a time before they were born.

At this point in the regression hypnotherapy, a person would begin describing their surroundings, clothing and other details which the practitioners usually took to be evidence of an actual previous existence. For many regressionists and patients, it is not necessary for these memories to be real for them to be helpful in releasing old traumas and bringing forth healing and new growth.

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